Sunday, December 9, 2007


This will be the first time ever for me to blog on the bus, to blog while I’m travelling….

Of course, there is no internet connection on the bus, (I wonder how advanced it is If they have…)anyway, that doesn’t mean I have no chance in blogging while I’m travelling…it’s as simple as writing it in a word file and upload it when I have connection much later…..

So depending on which day I’ll upload it, the blog you’re reading now is not of current stage of mine….

Anyway, it sounds weird or stupid to blog in this kinda situation, well no t really for me…

This is the end of my 3rd semester in NUS, and I’m going home alone now….i hope sometimes that someone can give me an answer, for I just can’t help but keep thinking a lot every time I travel home…..

One and a half year in NUS or singapore, I must say that I’ve grown up, I’ve gained a lot more than I could have expected before, yet I’ve lost numerously, so much so that I can’t really tell how much I’ve lost….

I’m a perfectionist who’s forced, or rather learn in a hard way to embrace the imperfection in the world, the process is worth another story, which I’d tell some other time…but having changed from yearning for perfection to accepting imperfection peacefully, and to appreciate and feel thankful for the imperfection, it’s such a complicated process, a growth of mind that I’m forever grateful to everyone who have helped me to go through.

From studies, I proceeded to the stage of friendship which puzzled me constantly throughout my pre uni years, and now to relationship which, I’m a beginner

Thank god that I’m having, and hopefully I will have a steady relationship as long as we can maintain, but probably not as lucky for other people….

Feelings for others, for the opposite sex, especially for my age now, can appear as fast as lightning, can be as strong as steel, can be as fragile as glass, too bad can also be as weak as you can ever imagine….

The best thing on earth is the most torturous one, do you agree?

Love, for your family, for your friends, for your soul partner, for mankind on earth, is the most precious, best ever thing for each and every one of us on earth, and it is the most torturous element in our lives…..

My English is probably still not good enough to express what I feel now, witnessing people pursuing for this element of life, some of them fall, some of them succeed, some of them give up, some of them persevere, some of them feel jealous because of others, some of them feel sorry for others, there’s just too much you can imagine, and too much you can understand all to have the best solution for them all…..

I’m having my own problem, and I’m working very hard to have it cleared in my life, still I care for the progress of people around me, as what is mentioned above, something as fragile as glass, is something not affordable to be mishandled, or the scars will probably live with you as long as you do……

When there’s sth that you just can’t do anything about it, probably the best solution is to leave it aside, and things will be fixed somehow, just too bad too few people believe in it, and too few people manage to do it

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