Thursday, March 27, 2008


what a shame you've lost this game..................
you'd have thrashed him 21-0 if it was the you few years ago......
oh i just couldn't imagine what have i done just now.....
i couldn't even control the ping pong ball, i couldn't even make a simple stroke, arh....i'm just so disappointed by myself, how can i tell anyone that i once was a player???i really don't know how shocked would my peer players be if they've have seen me just now.....
just.....ignore my rubbish, i need a break.......

Sunday, March 23, 2008


the student hostel, well not very much of a student hostel actually, the residential area in which i'm staying now, is named Prince George's Park Residences. It didn't take a lot of pain to realize that, I've stayed here for almost 2 years, at least 2 academic years. The residential area has been a witness of my pains and gains here for 2 years, and suddenly i'm feeling sick of it.
the first time i heard someone telling me he's feeling sick of this place was more than half a year ago. A senior, who is currently staying in another residential area, also located in campus, told me this, when we met each other in laundry room. It's kind of funny for me, when he said he carried his dirty clothings all the way from his room to PGP for laundry service. No doubt then, that his residence's laundry service is way too bad compared here, but still he was determined to move out when he was given a choice. i think he must be really fed up with this place that even with such inconvenience, he still, moved out.
The second time i heard about feeling bored with PGP was from a peer, a girl. She doesn't wanna go to hall, but she is at the same time, bored with PGP.
Having 55 ECA points this year was actually something more than just a pure achievement to me, it's more like something i did to contradict to what i said before this. before this i thought it'll be super torturing if i wanna accumulate enough points to stay for one more year. Nonetheless i gave it a try, and the result came out as much more surprising than i expected it to be.
my friend staying in hall even invited me to move over, without a second thought i replied by saying that i feel good staying here, there's no need to move.
But tonight, all of a sudden, i feel so sick of this place, this residential area, this room of mine.....
The residence has indeed provided great convenience to students here, but just too bad the university is not allowing students here to have lives and time to enjoy the facilities....
now that the accommodation fee rises, it makes moving out more tempting to some of us, or maybe many of us, anyway, sometimes feeling sick of something doesn't mean that you have the power to change something, this is life.

Monday, March 17, 2008



Saturday, March 8, 2008