Wednesday, June 25, 2008

i'm home

this is the third time I’m blogging in the bus while going home and guess what, I’m starting to like it, for no reasons….
I guess it’s not entirely without reasons, there’s no doubt that I’m definitely in a good mood whenever I’m travelling home, unless there’s something unexpected which require me to go back, other than that, going home from time to time somehow symbolizes a transition from a stage of life to another, it may not be a big one, probably from semester 3 to semester 4, things like that, but I’m a person who look back quite often if you wonder, and times like this are pretty handful for me to do some feedback on things that I’d done, words that I’d given to others, etc….
Well at least for this time, there’s some changes before and after I go home from university, when I go back to NUS again, a lot of friends are no longer staying in hostel but rather, outside…well I definitely am feeling lucky to be the one of the few survivors, nonetheless having so many people to have left the place where we used to stay together is somehow saddening, I can’t tell the exact feeling now, it’s not yet happening, i’m probably just preparing mentally, after all, changes, is the essence of life…..
Another transition at this stage is, when I go back again, I’ll be involved in some sort of student research programme, I can’t call it as a research programme exactly, I’m probably just helping out here and there in a academic research laboratory, taking a baby step in the real research arena, it’s significant though, as without the baby step, I wouldn’t know when, or even if I will ever be involved in this arena anymore….it certainly has brought me some excitements and I must admit that I’m looking forward to it, it’s just that at the same time, life will never be the same again, my schedule will be packed, and I guess I have a new priority in my daily life, or you can call it a short term goal in life…..
The taxi driver who drove me from PGP to boon lay place was a malay guy, and a very talkative person, though I half suspected that he did that purposely to earn more taxi fare from me by taking a few extra rounds, anyway not talking about that, he did tell me something that I hear from Singaporeans very very rarely, and he’s actually a Singaporean….
I’ve heard Singaporeans complaining their government, from public policies to public transport systems, well that’s a norm, but this guy just now, said something that, I actually have them in my mind, and for once I thought I was the only one who had it…..
“Singaporeans don’t actually earn anything, their assets are 0s, what the foreigners see are just the cover, those who realize this are Singaporeans who look into the content of the book”, to quote the uncle…..
For a very long time I insisted that I will earn enough money by working in Singapore and return home, by utilizing the exchange rate of Sing dollar to RM, I should be able to conduct a decent life….
Well how much is enough? How long is enough? And you really are willing to accept salaries in Malaysia after getting payed Sing dollar for years?
Questions by questions they come like tsunami, both in mind and also from friends’ mouths, for I always think that, to earn sing dollar in order to buy a car and a house in Singapore, is somehow not so practical, something like, you earn and you spend it, nothing left in your pocket…..
After 2 years being in Singapore, I don’t know how strong still this mindset is in my thinking, and life is getting busier that this topic is rarely raised up, until today when the uncle talked about it, honestly, I was actually happy to have someone who share the same view with me, although I didn’t tell him what I thought, but I guess I’m not totally a freak after all, that someone actually have the same opinion as I do, lol…….
1 more month of vacation in hometown, and here comes a new life, partially maybe….

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