Wednesday, February 6, 2008

it's over

It’s over, finally…..
Well in case you might wonder, I’m again blogging in the bus, which means I’m again writing in word file, and later upload it when I have access to internet…..
It seems harder and harder for me to just write a few lines in my blog whenever I’m in my room, well at least that’s true for the past 3 weeks, it’s only until I’m in a bus now that I have the mood and right feeling for blog, after so long….
Talking about the past 3 weeks, I was busy, yes I was BUSY, my first time in NUS that I barely have time to read my lecture notes, to clean my room, to even watch one or two episodes of drama….
Do I enjoy it? Did I ask for it? Or….I had a difficult time going through all that?
to be exact, I’m not sure, I can’t say that I hate it and can’t wait to have it over, but at the same time, it wasn’t easy to also endure some of the harsh moments, I guess this feeling is just typical, after all, things ain’t gonna be perfect, and perhaps I should be grateful, after the whole experience, I gained more than what I’ve expected, though the price is really not cheap….
Studies’ been tough so far, tougher than what I imagined it to be in fact, my grades improved again last semester, although again it’s not up to my expectation….
Improvement is good, but the subsequent effort is tough, coz it’s human nature to always ask for more, and mind you, I’m just a normal person, what’s more, I’m a KIASU person, that’s a reason solid enough for me to suffer in NUS……
Let’s not talk about things which are discouraging, I’m now on my way back to ipoh, back to kampong for Chinese new year celebration, err….maybe not much of celebration, but just, for a family gathering, for a reunion dinner….
Do I not have a strong bond to my family? I love my family, and I dare say my relationship with my parent and sibling is irreplaceable, but maybe not so much for the big family, my uncles, my aunts, and my cousins……
People say big families come with problems, I can’t agree with that more, I don’t feel like talking much about the issues in my big family, but just one thing, as I grow up, as I’m more and more exposed to the different “sides” of human nature, I feel less and less excited about going back kampong, about the so called family gathering, I just, don’t feel comfortable…..
Chinese new year, the greatest thing about this is food to me, haha, since when food is so important to me?? Food outside of hometown is just too sucky……which made me think of food every time festival is around, Chinese new year is of no difference, I hope the extra weight I gain during the coming few days will be still acceptable…..

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