Sunday, May 9, 2010


It’s a quiet night in the big, messy still, cozy yet unfamiliar house during midnight now…..
Have had busy days dealing with agents and landlord for the handover the newly rented unit of ours, even gave up on my first ever interview for it, ok I admit the one that came to me was no way of my first choice, though I’m already kinda feeling desperate of having one
And so here I’ve moved to choa chu kang, a spacious HDB executive apartment, things are still here and there but for me personally, I’m quite settled down, after half a day of cleaning up and unpacking, pretty fast but yeah, when you’re in a tight schedule for a series of commitment, you’ll learn along the way
Checking out from student hostel was nothing happy or sad, except for realization that another year had just passed and we were all reminded by the empty house of what was it like when the few of us first moved in together for our final year, and I’m still quite uncomfortable with the idea that final year, in fact my undergraduate years just passed without my formal approval, and it’s even sadder when you couldn’t find much from there to be significant enough, although in actual fact you might have some. I guess, besides having your negatives faded away, time is also able to sometimes rip away the significance of your positives, how ironic
It is exciting to learn that a new life is coming, but taking the initial steps is always painful….i was somehow feeling restless the few nights before this and a little tensed, reason being is that house has to be cleaned and I need to have my stuff moved before rushing home and a few days later, flying off to Taiwan. A strong nature in me that I tend to panic when things around me get uncertain, even only when they’re all in transition stage, fortunately I’m learning from the past feelings and experiences and hopefully, to utilize the feelings fully for benefit rather than just living with it, god knows how difficult is that
Should be able to have good sleep tonight, after moving in and checking out, and for the sake of time differences between writing this in word file in a internet-less new house and posting up in blogspot later when I have a chance, I shall stop here stating that it’s now 12.24 am, 5th May 2010, good night

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