Saturday, January 19, 2008


ah....i just hate the feeling, i just hate the feeling that i can't do what i want to do, and i'm FORCED to do what i'm TOLD to do....
what's the feeling when you only do what you're told to, but not what you feel and want to,that's probably the heaviest punishment to one, well maybe not for those who doesn't really know what he or she wants, but those people are just.....worthless to mention
i hate being a doll, i hate ordered by people, i just don't wanna do things that i don't feel correct but some other people do, and i just don't feel i'm myself anymore when i'm acting according to other people's reaction or response,they are disgusting, who are they and what makes them think they can decide for me?what is so great in them until they think their words and decisions are correct?
capability is probably a complement, popularity is the only thing you need to make command in this world....i don't believe in this,not in the past, not in the present,never in the future, i don't believe in the lies of those "thick-skinned" people, i'm not entertained by those fooling around from jokers indulged in their popularities....
my words are not taken, my voices are not heard, well if that's the case what else do i care??hell yeah, what else should i care,it's just rubbish to me after all

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